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buy order you should place the stop loss on the previous green arrow while for the sell order you should place it at the previous red direction arrow. Rules, as long as price goes to the one side of the 21 MA, you wait until the Non Lag MA crosses it and then enter. Also make sure that forex acquistare segnale di vendita the TFX Obos Oscillator indicator is crossing the zero line form below moving upwards.

This indicator appears when there is a reversal of the trend. This information includes the previous high and low, the time remaining for the net candle to form, the previous days range and the current days range. Then the direction green arrow should also appear. The buysell magic (1, 2) should also be green.

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It was designed for use in the London and New York Trading Sessions. Placing a buy order: For you to place a buy order you have to wait for the TFX reversal green dot to appear. The green line is set. Open demo account to test this system. It is mainly based on the TFX forex indicator. The trend bar indicator, the reversal indicator, the direction indicator. It is also important to use stop losses. Trading the currencies involved in the London and New York during the time the two trading sessions overlap give the best returns. The New York session opens at eight am and closes at five pm of the EST time zone while the London opens at three in the morning and closes at twelve noon EST (EDT). Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy. Submit by Janus Trader, time Frame: 5 min. The buysell magic (1, 2) should also be red.

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